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Air Filters

We have three regularly stocked filter types for air conditioning units. Each type has a different level of quality associated with it. For more information on air filtration, please see the section titled "Air Filter Information."

Polyester Throwaway Filters

Monthly Disposable Polyester Throwaway Filters

This filter type is our standard grade filter. Don't let the description fool you. Our polyester throwaways are far superior to your average store bought fiberglass air filter. Our polyester throwaways last an average of one month and have a much higher efficiency than fiberglass.

Polyester has many factors resulting in a higher quality filter compared to fiberglass. The two most notable factors are the material and the manufacturing process. Fiberglass itself can be an annoyance to use due to skin aggravation and allergies. Also, if you take a look at your average fiberglass filter, you can see right through it! Our polyester filters are more tightly woven in the manufacturing process and you won't be able to read a newspaper through them.

Vinyl Frame and Pad System

Our Vinyl Frame and Pad system is quite possibly the most popular type among our residential customers. With this system, you get a permanent, highly durable, and stable vinyl frame and replacement filter media. The frame will last the lifetime of the unit and the media is replaced every month. The media itself is identical to our polyester throwaways except for one difference. On the downdraft side of the media, the surface is tackified, which means it is sticky. The tackified surface results in a slightly higher efficiency, which is a small improvement over our polyester throwaways.

Besides that it's a higher quality filter media, it is our most cost effective system. Once you have the frame, the filter media is much less costly than our disposable types. Our Vinyl Frame and Pad System gives you a high quality, inexpensive, and easy to use alternative for air filtration.

Vinyl Frame and Pad System

Merv-8 Rated Pleated Filters

Merv-8 Rated Pleated Filters

Our disposable pleated filters are the highest quality filter option with the least amount of work for the user. The Merv-8 rating makes it our highest efficiency filter that we regularly stock. The average efficiency of these pleated filters are much higher than our other stock filter types. Also, since the surface is pleated (looks like an accordion), there is much more surface area to catch more debris. Because of the added surface area, these filters last 3 months. Our pleated filters offer many benefits for customers who want the least amount of hassle.

As far as expense, these filters are a great deal. You get less work and a much higher quality filter than our regular polyester monthly disposable for only pennies more per month. Also, for people with allergies and problems with household/building maintenance, this is a great option to try.

Here is a list of other products we carry:

Merv-11 and Higher Pleated Filters
Odor Control Pleated Filters
Residential Box Filters (Pleated Filters with a depth of 3 inches or more)
Residential and Commercial Range Hood Filters
Polyester Paint Arrester Filter Media Space-Gard / Aprilaire Replacement
Aluminum Pre-Filters (Makeup Air Filters)

Need something not on this list? See our "Contact Us" page to let us know and we will find it for you.

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