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AC Duct With One of Our High-Quality Air Filters in Daytona Beach, FL

High-Quality Air Filters provider in Daytona Beach, FL

What we do

Reed Filter Products distribute local HVAC filters of the highest caliber for homes and businesses. Reed Filter Products make our permanent Pad & Frame filter system. We also offer many different kinds of air filter goods. Custom-size filters are our area of expertise. So, if you require a custom-sized or premium filter, you have come to the proper place.

In addition to the apparent advantage of a cleaner, healthier air, installing a high-quality air filter in your home air conditioner has numerous other advantages. A high-quality air filter aids in clearing dust and lint from your air conditioner's heating and cooling coils. A high-quality filter increases the lifespan of your air conditioner and reduces the number of costly maintenance calls. A good air filter also removes small particles that could damage expensive audio equipment or your computer, both electrical devices.

Helping people breathe cleaner air since 1970.

Our History

In 1970 Ron Gatch took over H.F. Reed Air Filter Manufacturer, intending to help people breathe cleaner air. In 1973 the company moved to 819 Ridgewood, Daytona Beach, where it was located for 48 years.

Reed Filter Company is a family-owned business, and it became known as AiReed Filter Products in 1985. At the beginning of 2005, Ron's daughter Diane and her husband Charbel apprenticed to be the future leaders of AiReed. Later Charbel's brother Joe joined the company.

The company had an exciting year in 2021. The name changed to Reed Filter Products when Joe took over the operation of the business. It also moved to 460 LPGA, Holly Hill, to provide better customer service.

Our Goal

Our major priorities are providing your family with high-quality filters and ensuring customer happiness. To ensure high-quality air in your house, buy high-quality filters. Maintaining a fresh air filter for your air conditioner is a responsibility that sometimes needs to be addressed in many places. Utilizing a good air filter will help you avoid unpleasant situations in the future.


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